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Le Triptyque - gite verhuur
Le Triptyque - gite verhuur
Le Triptyque - gite verhuur
Le Triptyque - gite verhuur
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Out and about

The department Haute-Vienne has much to offer when going for a relaxing holiday. In the neighbourhoud (from 15 km) there are various gorgeous villages where you can go to visit their local markets, terraces, stores and for the typical French giant supermarkets. In most of these village you can take a look in second-hand stores (brocante).

You can visit the zoo nearby Limoges or the impressive war memorial Oradour sur Glane. Furthermore, the area lends itself to canoe on the Vienne, to swim/relax at the recreational lakes in the area, to go for a walk, to ride a bike, fish (most of the time a fish permit is required; they are often available in the village) mountainbike, ride horse, play tennis or to go for a ride.

Limoges, which is at a 30 km. distance from Saint-Laurent, is an university city that is well known for its porcelain and medieval enamels. Every second Sunday of the month (except for august) there is a big brocante-market around the cathedral.

In summers there is also a farmer market in one of the villages in the environment. You can sit there outside and together with the french inhabitants, on long tables to enjoy all the good and delicious that the land brings forth. You can buy local product at the market, that will be prepared for you on the spot.

Furthermore, there is a large choice of restaurants -from pizzaria to gastronomic restaurants- something for everybody. You can also taste the typical  delicious french lunch (plat du jour) around noon.

The area is visited by only a small number of tourists, so that everything is even more beautiful than it is already.

Haute Vienne is not a wine region. This has to do with the soil conditions in the area. Nevertheless, in the supermarkets you can find lots of delicious french wines.